LBD Every Woman Must Own

LBD Every Woman Must Own


If there is one thing that ranks on top of the women’s fashion proportions and never really goes out of vogue is the little black dress (LBD). Though there are a variety of shades out there that you can play with, there is something extraordinarily special about a black dress, which makes it an eternal piece.
From the likes of fashionistas like Marylyn Monroe to even Kate Middleton, the little black dress is a staple that every woman must own. Here are the top reasons why we crush over them.


A plain bodycon black dress can be a head turner at a hangout and the same outfit can be worn to a funeral if you layer it up with a trench coat or little blazer.
If you’ve sported the dress already at one occasion, you can always include some layers or accessories the next time to make your look even more glamorous. One cannot deny that LBD is one of those outfits which get you the most of compliments. 

Jamie dress




All women experience a closet malfunction moment at some point. If you wish to escape the next one, then a LBD in your wardrobe is the best bet. The simple explanation is you don’t have to worry about not being in fashion or going wrong -with this eye-catching little piece. And if you can’t decide on what to wear, then a LBD is your safest option instead of going and creating a faux passé.


Cindy dress




Your little black dress can also get a bit boring if you have it for years and carry it the same way every time. You definitely should keep on changing or adding a few pieces here and there since you’re never categorically short of choices for accessorizing when it comes to a LBD.

Add a glam style with some studs, embellishments or glitter or even try changing the sleeves with ruffles or flair. Include a touch of bling with golden stilettos, long necklaces or even faux-diamond studs. If you want a pop of colors, strap in a wide brown leather belt and pair the LBD with hot red shoes. You can also go subtle with makeup or bolder depending on your taste.

Gabby dress


Aren’t all these facts enticing enough for you to indulge into the charm of a little black dress? 


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