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Posted: Jan 22 2016

We all know Lucy for her love of fashion and impeccable sense of style, but behind the beautiful dresses, Lucy’s also taking the health and fitness industry by storm with her online website,

Before she met her personal trainer Cecilia Harris, Lucy didn’t really know much at all about eating healthily or keeping fit! Now, a few years on, Lucy’s well and truly caught the fitness bug and is making her mark in the industry.

A few months after her very first workout, Lucy’s body had completely changed. She was the happiest she’d ever been, her confidence shone! And it was at that moment that Lucy and Cecilia knew they could help women across the globe to get the same results. They wanted all women to have the opportunity to feel as body confident as they deserve to.

From there, Results with Lucy was born. RWL is now hundreds of thousands of women’s solution to getting fit, eating healthily and achieving the body they’ve always wanted - all on an affordable budget! Why would you pay through the nose for PT sessions and nutrition consultations or get tied into lengthy gym memberships, when you don’t have to? 

Work hard, sweat, eat right, and change your body - all with Lucy.


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