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3 Phases To Your New Body

Posted: Aug 09 2016

We are SO excited about this!
For 3 years now, Lucy and her personal trainer, Cecilia, have been helping women to get fitter, healthier and happier, all by using the health and fitness plans on We’ve seen so many amazing pictures, stories and videos from the #RWLFitties, you’re all so dedicated and inspiring!!
Online health and fitness is still a relatively new phenomenon, but my gosh – are we glad it’s here to stay! Long gone are the days when you had to traipse to and from the gym, or pay expensive rates for a personal training session. Luckily, Results with Lucy have put together their amazing online plans, so you can feel confident, and comfortable in your own skin.
So throughout 2016 so far, Results with Lucy really have made it their mission to make sure all of their plans are the best out there. Ridiculously easy to use, so much fun to follow, and most importantly, giving amazing results that really do last!
So, you may have noticed that Results with Lucy upgraded both the New Beginnings and Wobble to Model plans earlier in the year, and now that they’ve launched HIIT Harder, their upgraded advanced plan, they have completed their 3-Phase journey to achieving Your New Body!

Phase 1: New Beginnings is the perfect starting point for anyone who considers themselves as a newbie to fitness and healthy eating, anyone who has taken a break from exercise for the past 3-6 months, or anyone who has 2 or more stone to lose.


With tonnes of different styles of workouts, from zumba, to yoga, to body weight training, over the course of 13 weeks this plan will help you to embed new habits, try new things and will help you to fall in love with exercise and healthy eating. Phase 1: New Beginnings will take you from a newbie to pretty fit, and you’ll lose weight, tone up and improve your overall fitness - all to get you ready for Phase 2 of Your New Body.

Phase 2: Wobble to Model is Results with Lucy’s 6 week intermediate level plan, which will really test your strength and fitness from start to finish! As they start to introduce a lot more time under tension and plyometric workouts, you’ll build up your strength and muscle mass so that you continue to drop fat, creating a more defined, toned appearance.


Time under tension exercises are those which put your muscles under strain. You know that burning sensation you get when you’re doing a slow squat? That’s what we’re talking about. Doing this will really help your muscles to grow, and to get stronger! Plus, by integrating more and more plyometrics exercises, you’ll be making explosive movements, putting in maximum effort in short bursts. So before you know it, you’ll be more powerful, faster and stronger, and ready for Phase 3: HIIT Harder.

This is it girls, the most challenging phase of the Your New Body journey.  Phase 3: HIIT Harder is the 12-week, advanced level plan, which will give you your best results yet. HIIT Harder means just that – during this plan you’ll be challenged to 3 advanced HIIT sessions week in, week out, to activate the afterburn effect.


By working out every muscle in your body as hard and as fast as you can, your body uses your carb stores as a quick source of energy, and once you’ve stopped, your body will have to work even harder to replace them – and it does this by burning off FAT! So you’ll be burning fat for hours after your workout, and a lower body fat % means a leaner, stronger looking body.


Every single phase in the Your New Body journey has a complete nutrition plan, with absolutely everything you need to succeed, because without good nutrition to fuel your workouts, you won’t get the results.


So get ready to say hello to Your New Body, the 3-Phase journey to achieving just that.


Start Your Journey Here.



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